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 a short bio
- Born and educated in London, England.
- Graduated from the London University of the Arts Central School of Art and Design, with  a degree in Theatre, Television and Three-Dimensional Design with a minor in photography.
- Lived in France 1974 - 1982
- Living in Southern California 1983-present.
- Married with two adult daughters (how time flies!).

 qualifications, skills, experience & some jobs I've had along the way:
- Bachelor of Arts, London University of the Arts, Central School of Art & Design, Holborn London.
- Royal Society of Arts Adult Education Teaching Diploma, International House, Paris, France.
- Fluent in French.
- Over 35 years experience as a freelance photographer supplying images to greetings card & calendar companies, travel brochure companies, stock companies including most recently Getty Images, Lonely Planet Images/Guides, art galleries & clients. Collections most recently published by Images & Editions UK, Renaissance Cards USA, Marian Cards, USA, and Northern Exposure USA.
- 1969 to 1974: Hitch-hiked alone through Europe and Middle East during vacations (as we did in those days).
1974 to 1982: Resident in Paris. Business English language instructor at Esso France, teaching French executives how to negotiate petroleum contracts in English, (while developing freelance photography career).

Barbara in the minibus

- 1975 to now: Freelance photographer selling travel and still-life images to card and calendar companies, images libraries, brochures and private clients.
- 1983 to 1990: Instructor and coordinator of the art program at the Braille Institute, Los Angeles.
- 1990 to 2005 : Owner of The Family Album, shooting black-and-white, color and hand-tinted environmental portraits of children & families.
- 1998-2003: Photography instructor for local Art Centers inTorrance, California.
- 1990 to now: Owner of Europa Photogenica (formerly known as France Photogenique), organizing and leading
photo tours to Europe.

-2006-present: Owner of BvZ Photo-Graphic offering photographic services, affordable web design and graphic design services to companies and individuals.
-2005-2012: Providing travel images to Lonely Planet Images photo library.
-2012- present: Providing stock and travel images to Getty Images Photo Library

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Brighton Beach Brighton Beach Oxford Oxford Dorset Dorset Devon Devon
Alsace & Burgundy (B&W) Alsace & Burgundy Normandy & Brittany (B&W) Brittany & Normandy Loire Valley, Ile de Re (B&W) Loire Valley Ile de Re Paris (B&W) Paris
Eastern France (B&W) Loire, Ile de Re (B&W) Brittany & Normandy (B&W) Paris B&W
Andalucia (B&W) Andalucia (B&W) Andalucia (B&W) Andalucia (B&W) Andalucia (color) Andalucia (color) Andalucia (color) Andalucia (color)
Andalucia black & white -------------------------------------------Andalucia color

Polaroid Manipulations:

St. Tropez St Tropez Paris Paris Monet's Garden Monet's Garden Provence Provence
Still Lifes :
Still lifes taken on tour Still Lifes taken on tour Still Lifes taken on tour Still Lifes taken on tour Still Lifes taken on tour

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