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SUMMER IN PROVENCE June 23- July 2, 2008

Deb in Lavender field
Rob in lavender field
Judy & Theo the cat
Judy Day 2

Judy Day 2

Tom Day 2
Rob Day 2
Rob, Judy & Deb at winery
Rob, Tom and Deb with Nathalie
Rob at winery
wine tasting
Rob with his wine
Tom with his wine
Judy and still life
Tom shooting village bakery
Tom in roussillon
Judy Roussillon night
Judy getting on top of things
Judy in village back street
Group shot in our favorite village (c) Tom Schillaci
Group with our favorite village (c) Tom Schillaci
Judy and sunflower still life
Rob shooting sunflower still life
Judy shooting close up
Barbara setting up another still life (c) Deb Gillham
Group & the Jolly Green Giant
Judy in lavender
Rob in lavender
Tom & Deb and Luberon Valley
Rob and Judy and Gordes
Tom and Luberon
Rob and Gordes
Evening shoot
Rob and picnic beverage
The Esky, Rob, Judy & Barbara
Judy shooting tom shooting Roussillon
Getting ready for the balloon ride
Julien Lautier
things are heating up
all aboard (c) Deb gillham
Should we really be doing this? (c) Deb Gillham
Going up... (c) Deb gillham
Happy landings
Hot Air Balloon certification (c) Judy Reisman
Night shoot
Judy at night
Breakfast still life
Group Breakfast (c) Judy Reisman
Judy with Mas Jorel kittens
Rob opening picnic wine
A Citroen 2CV
Tom Schillaci (c) Judy Reisman
Deb Gillham (c) Judy Reisman
Tom and fountain
Rob and fountain

Our hang-out

Rob and a glass of rose wine
Rob, Deb and Judy just chillin'
Rob chillin' some more
Theo, also part of the group
The group with gray kittens by Marc Tuffery photos by: Barbara van Zanten, Tom Schillaci,
Deb Gillham, Judy Reisman and Marc Tuffery
Group joinerGroup joinergroup joiner


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