Why euros?

Since the introduction of the euro the exchange rate with the US dollar has changed dramatically, with the dollar falling against the euro for the last three or four years. Shortly after the euro was introduced one euro cost $0.89 US. Now, one euro cost approximately $1.30 US. A tour priced at 2,600 euros would have cost you $2,314 back then. Today it will cost you $3,380, a difference of $1,066.

Also, before the conversion from the franc to the euro, costs in Europe were kept artificially down. Hotel rooms and restaurants were priced at very economical rates. Since the euro was introduced prices have risen a whopping 30% catching up to what they should have been if they had not be kept low for the conversion.

Our tour prices are quoted in euros to help keep the costs down. If we quoted the price in US dollars we would have to build in a margin to take account of possible future currency fluctations.

When you sign up for this tour I will convert the quoted euro price to dollars based on the exchange rate for the day I receive your reservation form, and tell you the dollar price. I watch the exchange rates every day and transfer funds to France whenever the dollar rises. If I obtain a better rate than the one I quote you I will refund the difference after the tour. IT IS IN YOUR OWN INTEREST TO PAY IN FULL FOR THE TOUR AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. That way I am able to transfer funds whenever the exchange rate is best and obtain the best possible rates for you. It is my goal to make our tours as affordable for you as possible.

Currently the currency exchange rate for euros to dollars varies between 1.25 and 1.45. Multiply the euro prices by these two numbers to get an approximate price range. The final price may differ depending on the rate of exchange at the time payments are sent to France. If the dollar rises considerably against the euro your dollar cost will be lower.

If you live in Europs, Canada, Australia or anywhere outside of the USA or if you prefer you can pay in euros!